Very Cool Ford Mustang Customizer App!!!!

The 2010 Ford Mustang Unleashed - Videos, Pictures, Specs & Pricing

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Even if the 2010 Ford Mustang isn't your favorite car, this is soooo much fun! I designed a ton of different custom 'Stangs so far! The coolest part is you can download your 'Stang and use it as a background on your computer! Below are just three of the Mustangs I customized today, they're a bit blurry but if you click on the pictures they come out great!!!!! Now I just have to win the lottery or something so I can build each of these "for real!!!!!"


  1. Nice cars! I have an award for you!

  2. I blogged hopped over from hmsgofita... and thanks for this mustang post! I have some very fond memories of a '65 white Ford mustang -- my first boyfriend's car, back in 1972. Loved it! ~~ Kim

  3. Thanks for the nice photos. The cars look amazing. I am very excited for 2010 Ford Mustang. It is a very well designed car. This car is available in two body styles-coupe as well as convertible. People will be amazed by looking at the exteriors and interiors. The technical features are amazing. Engine is the main part of any car, and its nice to see that this car too has powerful engines. Sync system is the best feature. Performance-wise, this car is very good. For more details refer ford mustang


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