Mustang of the Month: 2011 Ford Mustang 5.0!

I couldn't help myself from sharing this with you! I am a HUGE fan of the old school 5.0 Mustang ( I own one) which Ford stopped producing in 1995, so today, when I saw that Ford plans to bring back my beloved 5.0 I cried happy tears (seriously I did!) and decided to share the Mustang Love with you! Check it out!

Top Production Cars at Detroit

2011 Ford Mustang

To the Mustang fan, the number 5.0 recalls the 1980s, when the 5.0-liter Mustang V8 brought power back to America and scores of parts to the aftermarket. Ford is reviving the 5.0 for 2011 with a new, more powerful V8 engine in the Mustang GT. This 32-valve dual-overhead-cam engine will boost horsepower from 315 to 412 and torque from 325 to 390 lb-ft while delivering 25 mpg highway. The convertible body style also adds bracing to improve body stiffness, and all Mustang GTs get suspension tweaks to improve the car's already-capable handling. Look for the 2011 Mustang in the second quarter of this year.


  1. Nice ride. They could deliver it to me any day. :o)

  2. Hahaha Lee I agree...and I totally love how the color fits my black and gold blog theme!

  3. The pink mustang you had on your blog a while back is still my favorite. :D

  4. Angie if I could get the 5.0 in pink it would be my first choice! :-D

  5. LOVE IT! I would take it in ANY color! :)

  6. Gorgeous!!!!! I love the color and the style. :)


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