Mustang of the Month: 2011 Ford Mustang 5.0

Yeah, if you're a follower you're probably saying, "Hey she featured the 5.0 last month!" I did, but I love it soooooo much that I had to feature it again...this time with a small article from!!!!!!!!!

2011 Mustang V8 – The one and only 5.0

Everything you heard about the legendary Mustang 5.0 is true again. With its innovative 32-valve, 5.0–liter V8, the 2011 Mustang 5.0 churns out 412 horses* and lays down 390 lbs.–ft. of torque. And while numbers like these always look good in print, their true character can only be experienced from behind the wheel when your traffic light turns green.

Part of the power story comes from the 5.0 V8’s use of Cam Torque–actuated twin independent variable–cam timing (TiVCT). TiVCT allows variable control of intake and exhaust valve closing, independently, to optimize combustion and performance throughout the engine speed range.

The 5.0 also has a compression ratio of 11:1 and a cylinder head designed to optimize airflow. From the high-energy coil–on plug design, to the cooling jets that allow the pistons to run cool–every part in the engine is designed to work in harmony. This lets the muscular engine breathe efficiently and deliver 100 percent exhilaration every time you hit the gas.

The driving dynamics of Mustang 5.0, with its enhanced six–speed transmission and reconfigured strut and shock tuning, are also designed to enhance the total driving experience. Electronic power–assisted steering (EPAS) puts control and responsiveness directly in the driver’s hands. And the standard limited–slip differential gives you enhanced handling in inclement weather that will surprise and delight you.

No doubt about it, this is a driver’s car.

But Ford’s innovative thinking didn’t stop with power, performance, handling and looks. The 5.0 also manages a projected 25 mpg hwy.**

So, are you ready for the passions that’ll be fueled when you hear the throaty growl of the 5.0’s powerful V8? Well, you’d better be, because the prior Mustang 5.0 built a reputation by leaving anything timid in the dust.

* Horsepower achieved using premium fuel.
**Based on Ford preliminary data. Pending EPA certification

Article and pictures by Ford Motor Company.



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  2. Ahhhh.......... how 'bout when I strike oil in my backyard, I'll buy ya one LOL:~D My sister's (ex) boyfriend designed the 2010 Mustang, but, he said "No girlfriend's family member discounts " :~(
    Love Ya,


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