Mustang of the Month!

If you know anything at all about Jay Leno, the host of The Tonight Show you know he is a "car guy." Well it just so happens that one of his favorite cars also happens to be my favorite, the Ford Mustang! If only he were single and about 25 years younger we'd be a perfect match. Hahaha...kidding!

Check out this video of
Jay Leno's Garage featuring my favorite Mustang, the 2011 5.0 GT!

If you would like to share a pic or video of your favorite car, Mustang or otherwise then please by all means do so! I would love to see it...

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  1. I WANT ONE!! *still want a Camaro too*

    It's absolutely stunning -- the wheels/rims are awesome!

    I love that it has brown leather, instead of black -- that's why I never want a black car -- way too hot in the summer!

    When you get yours, you've definitely gotta come visit me. :p


  2. I know! Black Mustangs usually have black or red leather, I love the saddle color!

    I will definitely be taking a loooong road trip if I get one of these LOL!

    XOXO~ Renee

  3. Hahaha Terri it does look like the new KITT!


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