What An Honor!

Okay, I am in SUCH a good mood now! I finished a great YA book (Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles) and came downstairs to check out all my social networking sites including Blogger and I see this post on fellow book blogger, Joy Tamsin David's site! It is so cool that she was nominated in the Book Blogger Appreciation Week for Best Spiritual, Inspirational or Religious Book Blog of 2010. She totally deserves the recognition. Congratulations Joy!

She's so awesome, she decided to mention a few of the blogs and bloggers that she loves and yours truly is on the blog list! I was so thrilled to see that and really couldn't believe Joy thought enough of my blog to mention it! I do this as a hobby and I'm by no means a "techie" so I always feel that my blog doesn't measure up to some of the really awesome blogs out there and wonder if I should continue. To be recognized and publicly acknowledged by one's peers really makes me happy! I'm so blessed by Joy and all of you who stop by to visit! Thank you once again Joy and all you visitors and friends!!!


Be sure to visit Joy's blog, Edgy Inspirational Romance and all the other great blogs that she has mentioned on her site!!!



  1. That's so cool Renee! Your awesome reviews deserve it!!


  2. Congratulations, Renee! Your blog does deserve special mention. You write well and it is always a pleasure to visit.

  3. Happy early birthday, Renee. I don't comment here nearly enough but your blog is one that I really enjoy. I love your Victorian postcards and I love your feature on old books lately :)

  4. Thanks Julia! You're a doll! :-)

    XOXO~ Renee


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