My "Grown Up" Barbie Dream House!

The chill in the air, the snow and the holiday songs on the radio have put me in the Christmas spirit. Y'all know I HATE the cold but I do love Christmas. I was even interviewed by Hannah @ Project Journal Blog about the holidays including presents that I wanted but never got. I used to want a Barbie Dream House but they were pretty expensive back in the day so I never got one. Well today my tastes are quite a bit different and a little more grown up but still completely unattainable! A girl can dream though right? Who knows maybe I'll get that dream job soon or win the Power Ball (yeah, I don't play). Here's a pic of my "grown up" Barbie Dream House! You know it probably has a huuuuge library too!

And if you're a fan of old homes and their character and charm check out this site where there are tons of pics of great historic houses that you can buy! I'm warning you though only visit if you have a bunch of free time. ;-)

GO HERE to see my favorite, what do you think?


  1. I <3 old houses.

    I never got a Barbie Dream House either.

    But I did get a Cabbage Patch when they first came out and my mom tells me they were pricey.

  2. I love old houses! When I was little, my family sold my grandmother's big, old house. I wish we'd tried to hang onto it! Maybe you could afford your dream house if you rented rooms to some of the rest of us--boarding house style! LOL

  3. Beautiful house! I love rambling old homes that have lots of character. :)

  4. I too wanted a Barbie Dream House and I didn't get one either. But my cousin got one so I got to play with hers a bit. :)

    That is a cool site you found. Such pretty homes. My favorites are the ones with huge porches. :)

  5. That house is HUGE! It's quite majestic. :)

  6. Hahaha when I dream I dream big don't I? Thanks ladies for visiting today and taking the time to comment and say hi!

    XOXO~ Renee


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