Doctor Who Series 6 Promo Pics!

Squee! only 17 more days to the season premiere of Doctor Who! You don't understand how in love I am with this show, so little things like these promo pics posted by BBC make my day! I've only posted my favorites but to check out the other promo photos go HERE.

Doctor Who series 6

All images are from the BBC Doctor Who website.

And oh did I mention there's a new trailer????!!!! I. AM. SO. EXCITED.

Series 6 premieres April 23 on BBC America.



  1. Looks cool. Is there any way to see this if you don't get BBC on your TV?

  2. Hi Lee, this is the depressing part, ever since the show first aired back in 2005 it was on the SyFy channel which comes with my basic satellite package. Last season it was moved to BBC America which I don't get so I waited till the last episode and bought them all through Amazon's Video on Demand program. It's really cheap like $13 for the entire season and you own them so you can watch them as many times as you want. I hope iTunes or Amazon posts these new eps soon after they air or I think I'll cry! LOL

    Juju- YES TRY THIS SERIES!!!!!!

    XOXO~ Renee

  3. Renee, I hope you'll enjoy this series a lot.

  4. These are great! But I don't get BBC America either . . .

  5. We get this series in LESS THAN TWO WEEKS! I am SO excited!


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