Did You See This?!

Well since the original Nooks have been out for a while I've been wondering how long it would take Barnes and Noble to come out with a new version. I gotta say that this one looks pretty darn cool, the only downside that I can think of is there's no 3G. I loved using my Nook and now my Kindle 3G to search online whenever I didn't have access to Wi-Fi but other than that this Nook looks nice and it's only $139. I'll be anxious to see the reviews for this one. Check out more details HERE.


  1. Very cool! I entered a contest to win one of these. I don't know that I'd buy one though, since I already have too many books on my shelf already. I need one of these like I need a hole in the head, lol. But if I could win one, well then, that would be just fine. ;-)

  2. This does look cool, Renee!

  3. Hahaha Michelle, I entered to win a Kindle I needed like a hole in the head and I won so hopefully you win the Nook! ;-)

    Suko, doesn't it though? If I didn't love my Kindle so much I'd buy one of these LOL!

    XOXO~ Renee


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