Squeee Worthy Book Stuff!

So when book bloggers get bored what do they do besides read? They look up cute book stuff online. One of my favorite online marketplaces to visit are the Etsy shops. I love all the unique handcrafted and antique sundry goods offered including jewlery and clothing but mostly I love the "bookish" stuff. I really need want a bunch of things from a ton of different stores but here are some of my very favorites. Click the photos to see each item on Etsy. Also be sure to check out my friend Lydia's blog @ The Overweight Bookshelf, she inspired me to post some of my "finds."

Hmmm yeah in case you haven't noticed from my profile photo I have a dog and I love her so naturally a bookmark like this one is a necessity.

Just in case you aren't a dog lover they have these amaaaazing Jane Austen themed tags which can easily be turned into bookmarks.

Oh. My. Gosh. I want to buy every single Kindle cover from the CW Creations store! Although they are a bit pricey, I would much rather spend a little extra dough there than on Amazon. Here are my two faves.

*Sigh* don't you just love all the book pretties? If I had an unlimited cash flow I'd definitely own everything in this post and then some. I really can't get over how creative people are. I wonder why I never thought of these cool things? I wonder where people get all of their beautiful fabric. The local Jo-Ann's store just doesn't carry stuff like this! Oh well, maybe it's a good thing or else I'd be crafting all day long!

Hope you all had a great weekend and are enjoying sunshine and fair weather. :-)



  1. Thanks for the mention! The Jane Austen tags are totally my thing. There is one cover in particular by the Etsy designer you linked to that I am seriously considering. Maybe Christmas will come in July this year LOL.

  2. I know! If I weren't scrimping and saving to go to the beach I would totally own one of those covers!

    XOXO~ Renee

  3. Gorgeous case and I love those little cards!

  4. Hahaha, those Kindle covers seem like a really good reason to buy a Kindle. ;)

  5. @ Rachel- Hehehe I think you need a Kindle or one of those new Nooks. ;-)

    @ Juju- I know those cards are great! I wish I had the creative talent to make something like that.

    XOXO~ Renee


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