Great News for Fashionable Fangirls!

Captain America Cardigan from Her Universe
We all know of sites like Tumblr, Instagram, and Pinterest allow us to connect with people who are devoted to certain fandoms. I didn't realize that clothing companies like Her Universe and now Lucky Brand are creating gear so said fangirls can express their love of all things sci-fi and American auto design with cute, feminine styles to wear when it's time to step away from the computer and venture out into the wild! I have learned that the online store can be a beautiful place for the fangirl. 

Hydra Glow Plus Size Tee from Her Universe
Can you say geek chic? I am in love with the Captain America cardigan. If it's anything like their TARDIS sweater, which I own, it will definitely be a staple piece! Her Universe has been a favorite of mine for a few years, but they've really been adding a lot of cool new styles recently, including an all new Marvel line which was just announced late last week! A sweet bonus: They have plus sizes, so fangirls of almost every will look cool!

Mustang Mach I Muscle Tee
I also found out a few days ago, although I believe it's actually been out for a few months now, that Lucky Brand has an online only Ford Mustang clothing line. Ford. Mustang. Clothing. Line. Can you say heaven? I mean, in recent years there have been one or two baby doll tees featuring the same ol' running pony logo (yeah, I think I've owned one in every color) at some of the not to be named mall chain stores, but there are not a lot of options for the more fashion forward Ford gal.

Ford Charlie Skinny by Lucky Brand

Did I mention they have jeans? Mustang Jeans. The aforementioned jeans along with tees and muscle shirts will make for some happy pony girls. I know I want everything. I neeeeed everything! The collection ranges from $39.50 -$99.00. It might be a little more than what you usually will pay for a tee, but we 'Stang Girls are so worth it, are we not?  Also if you want to get the man in your life something 'Stang related, there's a men's line too!

So now that I've had my little fangirl moment, I'd love to hear yours! Did you discover anything new and exciting over the weekend? Did you read a good book, see a show? Let's discuss!


  1. Fun fashion post, Renee! :)

  2. I loooove the mustang muscle t! That cardi is pretty adorable too.

    1. Isn't the muscle tee cool? Le sigh. I love the whole line.


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