Sole Mates: Wide Shaft Boots

I'm a total Pinterest addict. Since joining a few years ago I've pinned and repinned over 12,000 recipes, GIFs, wedding gowns, and film and TV related items. I pretty much can't go to sleep at night unless I log onto Pinterest and pin a few things. So, yeah, I'd say I qualify as an addict.

A few nights ago I realized that "I'd Wear It", a board of all sorts of fashions that I'd love to rock, was bursting with over 500 pins. I know it's a good idea to limit the number of pins on a board so things don't get too cluttered or lost in the abyss, so I've been TRYING to reorganize and shuffle things around. In my scroll through said board I realized that a lot of my pins were shoes. Yes. I have also somehow morphed into a shoe addict. Well...not so much a shoe addict as a boot addict. Heels are pretty, but they kill my piggies -- plus I'm a clutz. I do love a pair of tall boots even though my large calves hate them. But what's a Pinterest board for other than a place to pin your hopes and dreams, right?

Anyhoo, I got this idea for a board called "Sole Mates". I know it's a little corny (OK, a looooot corny), but at this point in my life a good shoe is pretty much the closest thing I have to true love. I also have a special boot board, "Boot Beauties". Since it's fall I thought it would be fun to share some of the boots I love and the one's I'm lusting after right here.

The Classic 
Price: $428.00
Image from the Frye website 
For me, Frye is the penultimate boot. It's easy to see why they've been making boots for over 150 years. I love their combat styles. Whether or not these riding boots will fit those with a more voluptuous calf (the website reads 15 2/3" circumference and that isn't cuttin' it for this gal), I don't know. Can we talk about how beautiful these are though? That leather looks like a strong cup of coffee and I'll bet it feels like butter! Smoooooth, baby.

The Steal
Price: $79.95
Image from American Eagle Outfitters

These American Eagle Outfitters Extended Calf Riding Boots have a leather-like look, but are a little more wallet friendly. We all want our favorite boots to last forever, but at $69.99 if they only last a season or two, it's no big deal! So cute!

The Alternative 
Price: $158.00
Image from Hunter Boots

If you live in a rainy area, leather might not be the best answer, especially if you like a suede shoe. Thankfully Hunter boots, which have been around for eons, offer a great, stylish alternative if you cannot do without a tall boot. These aren't listed as wide calf, but they have an adjustable back gusset that looks as if it will do the trick. I love that they're waterproof too! There's nothing I hate more than a leaky shoe. Have you ever had to spend the day in wet socks? NOT FUN!


What are your go-to shoes when the weather turns colder? Love leather? Gotta go vegan? Boots with the fur? Please comment below or follow me on Pinterest and let's talk shoes!


  1. I'm right there with you! I LOVE boots! especially since it's fall :) I want a pair of cowboy boots, but some day soon! And riding boots? Love them!

    1. Ooooo cowboy boots. I'm really picky when it comes to that style of boot, but I do love the look of Lucchese. Have you seen them? GORGEOUS!

  2. Renee, I have a pair of high boots that I got a couple of years ago. They are comfy and I love to wear them. Hopefully, it will be cool enough to wear them soon(ish). :)

    1. Must be nice to have to wish for cooler weather! Hahaha!!!! I hope you get your wish and are able to pull out those boots soon. :-)

  3. Yes! Waving to a fellow boot addict! I'm definitely a boot girl. I absolutely love boots and wear them sometimes even in summer, and boy does it get hot in summer! Never stopped me, though. By the way, "Boot Beauties" is an awesome name. Love it!

    1. I'd probably wear my Bearpaws if they didn't have fur in them LOL! They get a little too toasty in the summer!


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